Monday, March 29, 2010

The Whole Truth

When the good folks over at "The Stuttering Brain" posted information from a reader that the Pagoclone study was locked and results were known, my first thought was "Tell me it isn't true!" Well, not really, but I wanted to get that Dylan link in there.

Anyway, what I really thought was, "That's odd....  no one said anything to me about that." And as it turns out, no one said anything to me about it because.......   It's not true!

I met with my contact at my local research center today, and she confirmed that I am in week 16 of a 48 week open label testing phase. My participation in the study will (sadly) come to a close at the end of 48 weeks, but the study will go on until everyone in the program has reached 48 weeks of open label testing, according to my contact.

Even after all the participants have concluded the 48 week open label testing stage, it will take them at least a year to analyze the data they've gathered through these research centers before (hopefully) presenting it to the FDA.

Just wanted to squash the rumors that the study has wrapped and results are known - the Pagoclone study is definitely still going and the analysis is yet to come.

Oh, and it's working for me. More details on that in my next post.


  1. Thank you to tell us the truth. We were afraid about it. Best wishes to you and the happiest times with the drug. We are very excited to see developments in your treatment. and Know the ability of medicine to kill stuttering or at least to alleviate.
    In fact. I read to you that reduces tension and that's really what made me very optimistic.
    Removal of tension for me is a solution to the problem of stuttering by 99%!! (View) :)

  2. Thanks Anon - always glad to read your comments. Keep reading, and I'll keep posting. Best, J