Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Could You Be The One?

Another visit to the medical research company, another questionnaire, another video recording.... and two more bottles of pills.

As I cracked open Bottle 1 (which is really Bottle 4 in total, but Bottle 1 of this, the second 8-week stage of the the first testing phase), the old Husker Du song popped into my mind - could you be the one?

For the next eight weeks, I'll be taking these pills, which may or may not Pagoclone. And my speech may or may not improve. In the video reading yesterday, I was 90% fluent, an exceptionally high fluency rate. But back in the office, in my everyday environment, I pick up the phone and ....... Well, it makes no sense at all.

Nothing new to report on the new batch of pills. I still feel some tension in my throat, and my stuttering is only moderately improved, if at all. No side effects at all. I'll post in a week, hopefully with the news that the tension in my throat has diminished - that would be an encouraging development. Will advise.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A week from tomorrow...

I am scheduled to go back to the medical research center a week from tomorrow. I've been in full compliance with the medical directions, not missing a dose since the first day of the trial. I am still on bottle three, which, as I've mentioned before is either placebo or an ineffectively low dose of Pagoclone.

From my experience with bottle one, I know Pagoclone can help me speak more fluently. Not by itself - the pill is not a cure by any means. But in conjunction with speech therapy (for me, that's mostly stuttering prevention techniques along with some fluency shaping techniques), I know that Pagoclone can be a useful tool for helping me control my speech and speak more fluently.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Ok, I've gotten an update from the medical research company. I had hoped after finishing the first three bottles of pills, I'd be moving on to the open label phase, in which I would definitely be getting Pagoclone.

It turns out that the current phase of the trial will continue for another 24 weeks - for a total of 32 weeks. It is only after this that I'll be able to move on the the 48 week open label phase.

Just wanted to clear that up for any of you who are also participating in the trial: It's a double-blind test for 32 weeks, then open label for 48 weeks.