Tuesday, June 29, 2010


For reasons generally beyond my control, I stopped taking Pagoclone for three weeks.

What happened?

Within a few days I noticed I was stuttering with greater frequency and intensity. I became aware of a general tightness in my throat and (to a lesser degree) articulators that I believe ontributes to disfluency.

I tried using some of the techniques I generally employ to prevent (as in Airflow Technique) and minimize (as in Precision Fluency Shaping) stuttering.

Without Pagoclone, I found it more difficult to apply these techniques - more difficult to maintain composure and exercise control over my speech.

Back on Pagoclone for one week now, and I'm starting feel like I'm getting back on track.


  1. Haven't heard from you. I heard the study was completed. Is the study over? Thank you for the blog

  2. is Pagoclone really fail ?...

  3. If there is anything new, please let us know.